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New Community Art Space Vignette/Vignette Opening This Spring

AboutUsPhotoBringing out the paint brushes, pottery wheels, dogs and more, Vignette/Vignette—a new community art space—is stretching canvases and spinning clay in preparation for its grand opening in Edgewater this spring.

Located at 1212 W. Thorndale Ave., Vignette/Vignette will operate as a community art studio offering drop-in and month-long workshops and classes. With all the necessary tools and materials provided, each class will encourage participants to discover new talents and explore creative mediums that aren’t often practiced outside of the art community, including ceramics, pottery, watercolor and more.

Owned and operated by local Edgewater residents Stephanie Preston and Jean Marie Cate—recent graduates of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago—Vignette/Vignette’s overarching mission is to bring accessible art classes to Chicago’s “Artists in Motion” neighborhood, and to do so in a manner that regularly and meaningfully gives back to the community.

“I’ve lived in Andersonville for four years now, and we don’t have movie theatres and bowling alleys to visit on a Friday night,” said Preston. “We want to bring something new to the area that can answer the question: ‘What are we doing tonight?’”

To rouse support and awareness, Vignette/Vignette is planning three free community events centered on the artistic and neighborly spirit of giving. The events will include a dog painting portrait party where residents are invited to bring their pets and paint their portraits; a ceramic bowl-making class using pottery wheels and fire and glaze techniques; and a free meal provided by local restaurants and served in the ceramic bowls that were handmade weeks earlier. Again, all of the materials will be provided for each event.

The free events will also offer residents the opportunity to support Vignette/Vignette by donating to the studio through its online Kickstarter campaign, set to launch in early February. Collecting donations to help get its mission get off the ground, Vignette/Vignette is eager to see success through a circular, symbiotic relationship with the community—hosting family-friendly classes and events, and in turn generating support from its neighbors and students.

According to Preston, community engagement is Vignette/Vignette’s number one priority. “We want to be an alternative to going out. We want community members to come, participate in our workshops and have a great time,” said Preston. “When you hang out with us, you will make real art.”

Vignette/Vignette plans to open in early April of 2015. For more information on Vignette/Vignette, visit www.vignettevignette.com.

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