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Expansive Boardwalk proposed for Edgewater lakefront

Osterman Beach. Credit: Jeremy Bressman

Osterman Beach. Credit: Jeremy Bressman

An Edgewater resident envisions bringing back the glory days of a boardwalk to the lakefront, something that the neighborhood hasn’t seen since the days of the Edgewater Beach Hotel prior to Lakeshore Drive being expanded in 1951.

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  • Jim Olson

    This is a fantastic idea.

  • Laura Louzader

    I love it. Let’s do it. Better use of our money than building more limited-access roades Wish we could also have another Edgewater Beach Hotel, but I guess that won’t happen till Miami becomes the next Atlantis and everyone starts fleeing the coasts.

  • James

    Horrible idea, consider the drunks and gang bangers hanging out

    • Fear of criminals is a terrible reason to not consider improving public spaces.

      • Josh

        Clarence, if you were remotely familiar with the area being talked about… you would know that the entire area is already beautiful public spaces.

        • Josh, I didn’t say I liked the idea. I said that to not even consider it because of “gang bangers” is a terrible way to make decisions.

        • Ellen

          Except for the trash. Get rid of the revetments where the seagulls shit and the rodents roam. Oh yeah, and that stinkin’ dune grass.

        • Actually, I live three blocks from the area, so I am familiar with it.

  • GReg

    i guess there’s no money in quiet contemplation on the lakefront

  • Rick

    Sure… Lets turn something beautiful and peaceful into something ugly and noisy. Dumb idea. 50 ft of concrete? Really???

    • Rick

      By the way… the residents ALREADY ENJOY THE LAKEFRONT!!! We need to begin a petition to stop this ridiculous ugly concrete monstrosity. Replacing beach sand with concrete? Dumb.

      • John

        swimming, rowboating and several other sports . If Michelle wants healthy citizens, maybe she will find the money.

  • Scott Chasen

    terrible Idea, just what we need, more traffic,more cops more gangbangers,, no thanks, I like the sound of the waves

  • Jackie

    just a really bad idea. No thanks.. I like the beachfront just the way it is. We don’t need a giant concrete path. How about raising money for schools.

  • Ellen

    How beautiful would it be? I want it! I want it! It’s about time we get something besides bikes on the sidewalk. Why can’t we have something nice in our area? Harry Osterman is great. He can find the money…talk Rahm into it. Loyola could help fund it. They have lots of money.

    • Blane Lane

      The city is broke, we run deficits. We have the best beaches on the lakefront … unfortunately a majority of the sidewalks and streets are in terrible condition. Fix our parkways and avenues, pay the bills we need to pay and balance the budget of Chicago. Fiscal responsibility will pave the way for perks and amenities.

  • Larry

    How about a kayak concession?

  • Sam

    Awful idea

  • DC

    Take the 200 million and fix the streets and create jobs.


    • Blane Lane

      Hear, hear… this is a much better way to spend tax dollars. Sorry, Morry. While I don’t condone the government creating jobs, better, safer access to the lakefront is really a good goal.

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  • poppy

    Route traffic off Sheridan road and onto Broadway. It’ll bring more businesses and increase tax dollars for Edgewater. Then, make Sheridan Road 25 MPH with nice lighting and flowers and a bike path. Now that’s an improvement we all can enjoy.

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