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Beautiful and Local: Instagram in Edgewater and Andersonville

Instagram c/o FitJnkieMusings

Instagram c/o FitJnkieMusings

For those not in the know, Instagram is a social networking, mobile application, or app, built around photography. People around the world post pictures of everything from the beautiful design on the top of their latte to breaking news. One of the things I love most about Instagram is how it shows little snippets of everyday life around the world. And while I love to follow accounts like Everyday Asia to see what Nepal looks like on a Thursday afternoon, I also love to check out the Chicago tags and see what other people’s Chicago looks like.

While much of Chicago Instagram is filled with pictures of downtown, there is a small but devoted far-North side contingent, using the hashtags #Andersonville (26,000 uses and counting) and #EdgewaterChicago (sadly only 410 users, but it’s becoming more popular.)

Instagram c/o Aestheticsnafu.

Instagram c/o aestheticsnafu.

A few great local posters are k8Welborn and mattgilb (and to praise myself, my account aestheticsnafu,) but one of the most dedicated ‘grammers has to be Liz Weber, who posts fantastic lakefront shots under the name FitJnkieMusings. “I feel less distracted and more serene when I take a stroll through the Edgewater/Andersonville area, and I think my pics on Instagram reflect that feeling,” she said.

Edgewater/Andersonville businesses are particularly well represented on Instagram, ranging from both chambers of commerce to the Chicago Paddle Co. and the brand new restaurant Pork Shoppe. For businesses, Instagram represents a great way to stay connected to the community and to have the ability to share their excitement via a simple glance.

Sarah Hollenbeck from Woman and Children First had an interesting explanation of what first brought her store to use Instagram. “We decided to launch our Instagram quickly because we thought it was the most logical way to visually document the transformation that was coming with the physical renovation of the bookstore. Tangentially, the bookstore had never been closed for this many days in a row, and we wanted to use every social media tool available to stay connected to our customers and reassure everyone that this closure was not only temporary, but something to be excited about.”

Instagram c/o edgewater_workbench

Instagram c/o edgewater_workbench

“I think it is a great way to stay connected with the community (by) being able to tag different groups businesses and individuals as we work with them as well as (by) letting the public see what kinds of neat projects go on in the shop,” added Stuart Marsh, owner of Edgewater Workbench.

I’m always interested in seeing new local Instagrammers. Do you Instagram? What are your favorite things to photograph in the neighborhood? Do you like to post pictures on a different social media site?



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