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Andersonville’s Cas Hardware Closing After 41 Years Of Service

In 1978 Saturday Night Fever took over the box office by storm, Laverne & Shirley was a hit on ABC, smallpox was finally eradicated, New England was hit by a killer blizzard and it was also the year that a tiny hardware store would open in Andersonville and eventually outlast almost all neighboring businesses. Unfortunately, after 41 years in business Cas Hardware at 5305 N Clark will be closing its doors forever.

It is an amazing run for any small business. Becoming the little hardware store that could, it managed to survive as people slowly migrated to mega stores like Home Depot to buy their nails and hammers. But Cas Hardware Owner Cornel Ladan Junior and his wife built their business on service. They dedicated themselves through the decades selling retail products backed by skilled help.

The Ladens immigrated to the United States from Yugoslavia in 1970. They settled in Chicago and began the business, carving out their niche in America. Best know for old-fashioned key making services, they have always been like a warm security blanket by being a quick walk away for the general home repair or emergency.

Mr. Laden is now 75-years-old however, and his body has been giving subtle hints that it may be time to retire. Yes, all good things must come to an end but losing Cas Hardware is like saying goodbye to a good friend.

Even in the digital age the store has remained strong earning 4.5 stars out of five on Yelp. One loyal customer summed it up perfectly on the online review site by writing, “If a hardware store can rock this hard, it deserves a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.”

Currently running a 50% off closing sale, the shelves are slowly becoming bare after four decades. Expecting to close by the end of February, the Ladens will start a new chapter in life.

As many Edgeville Buzz readers know, I rarely put personal opinions into stories. However, it seemed unfair to write this piece with just facts because Cas Hardware and its lovely owners meant so much more to the Andersonville neighborhood.

This may be the opportunity for customers to open their door one last time, maybe not to buy something but to just say thank you for the years of convenience, dedication, and care as well as a friendly, familiar face that reminded us why we love our community.

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