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Celebrate Equality With Stories From Those Driving Women-Led Businesses In Edgewater

Today is International Women’s Day. As we celebrate the strength, courage and compassion of women from around the globe, a new video presentation series will focus on inspirational females who lead businesses right here in Edgewater.

For five years the Annual International Women’s Day Crawl has been held in Edgewater to honor achievements and to fight for equality. The pandemic however has forced the the organization which produces the event, the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce (ECC), to rethink this year’s programming.

Taking on the challenge, the ECC today has released a series of three videos that showcase women who help drive the local economy. Each will depict the struggle women face in today’s business community and also highlight their success which include a growing list of achievements.

Six women who have worked to elevate the theatre scene in Edgewater are front and center in a taped panel for Women in the Arts. With the arts and entertainment industry hit so hard during the pandemic, this video reveals how local theaters have adapted to the current crisis and how they have used the time to organize new ideas.

In The Power of Friendship, we take an intimate look at three area women and their long-standing commitments not only to the businesses they lead, but also to each other. With ongoing challenges in each of their lives, the video focuses on the strength found when women work together.

Koval Distillery is a true Edgewater business success story. But did you know that the company was built and is currently operated by a group of dedicated females? Koval Stories gets behind the brand to reveal a team of women who continue to grow both personal and professional success.

“This year’s International Women’s Day event in Edgewater will bring together a panel of experienced business women who shine in their work and in their ability to reinvent and transform even through the COVID-19 pandemic.” said the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce’s  Executive Director Christina Pfitzinger. “We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to come together and celebrate the global movement and the tremendous efforts by women around the world in shaping a more equitable future.”

All three videos were released today and are free to watch on the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce’s website at Edgewater.org.

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