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A Celebration Of One Man’s Milestone Birthday And 100 Years Of Service

Lionel & Phyllis Rothbard

Life takes a person on a journey that is full of amazing celebrations and at times terrible sadness. After living through a century chock-full of personal memories, one Edgewater man will be celebrated this month as he turns 100.

For 99-year-old Lionel Rothbard, life has brought 64 glorious years of marriage which produced two loving children as well as a couple grandchildren. Living long enough to survive the tragedies of war as well as the devastation brought on by a global pandemic, he has learned not to sweat the small stuff.

Both Lionel and his 87-year-old wife Phyllis are now retired and live in the senior living community The Breakers at Edgewater Beach. It is there that a celebration will mark his March 22 milestone birthday and the dedicated service he brought our country while in the army.

As a veteran who worked his way up to the rank of Colonel, Lionel has always been passionate about the armed services. The call of duty led him to World War 2 where he commanded 23 other men in a platoon responsible for bringing injured men from the battlefield and to hospital-bound ambulances.

Caring for others has always been in his blood according to his wife Phyllis. That kind spirit was put to the test during the war and then continued to shine throughout his life.

“He has nothing but good, meaningful things to say about anybody,” said Phyllis. “We all know Lionel as being a very kind, moral man. When he had a job to do, he was dedicated to it.”

After the war, Lionel both graduated from Northwestern University and began a long career with Johnson & Johnson in pharmaceuticals sales. He remained in the army reserves for most of his life however, and from time to time was called on for service.

The Rothbards now enjoy a relaxed, well-deserved life in Edgewater at the Breakers. Both believe good genes as well as smart choices in doctors and medical care are key to their longevity. Happiness however, is more of a team effort.

“Surround yourself with your family and other good people,” said Lionel. “Have the good fortune to find a mate who both likes and loves you while thanking God each day for another day.”

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