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Woman Robbed At Gunpoint Near Granville During Morning Commute

gunIt was the usual morning routine for an Edgewater woman as she began her daily commute. However, as she exited her apartment and walked down an alley towards the CTA Red Line Granville station, she fell victim to a crime.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was robbed at gunpoint on Monday around 9:30 a.m. just off Granville near the CTA station.

The male suspect walked up to the victim, pulled a small gun out of his jacket sleeve, and demanded her money and cell phone. He pushed her into a wall with the gun as she handed over her belongings.

The woman told EVB, ” I was walking to the train on the same route I’ve used for the three years since I’ve lived here — a half block through a rather busy alley that runs along the tracks. There’s always people walking and driving through, so I didn’t think anything of the person walking towards me. I even smiled at the guy.”

The woman was not injured, but since the incident she finds it more difficult to walk around the neighborhood.  There is a daily reminder of the crime as she can see the spot from both her kitchen window and the CTA platform. She now worries over things like simply taking the trash out. 

The victim added, “I’m also incredibly angry that he invaded my life in such a way.  I’m angry that he looked at me and saw a target. Angry that nearly three decades of martial arts experience means nothing when a gun is involved.”

Immediately after the incident, the woman was helped by CTA workers in the area. They called authorities and a police report was filed. The suspect is still at large.

The victim said she will take precautions in the future such as not using an alleyway, not wearing headphones or talking on the phone when she is commuting. But she also admits that she will move forward saying, “With time and effort I will get my strength back.  I won’t let him take that also.”


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