Edgeville Buzz

Wednesday Night

The storms seemed to have passed over us for the most part tonight, lets see if crime has…..

7:53pm, 4834 N Winthrop – Fireworks complaint, Hickory Playlot (I have a feeling this is not the first of these tonight)

8:00pm, 1117 W Pratt – Auto theft in progress. Hispanic male attempting to hotwire a black sports car.

8:01p, 5230 N Lincoln – Disturbance at Dominick’s. Male yelling at a store clerk.

8:05pm, Damen & Lawrence – Fireworks complaint.

8:12pm, Western & Touhy – Person with a gun – white male in a t-shirt carrying a rifle case down the street. Unsure if there really is a gun inside or not.

8:15pm, 6135 N Pauline – Domestic disturbance. Boyfriend is intoxicated and girlfriend wants him to leave.

Time for me to eat dinner. Please standby.

8:52pm, Jarvis redline stop – 7 men fighting on the platform.

8:54pm, 5800 N Ridge – Disturbance reported. White male and black female intoxicated walking into traffic.

9:09pm, 1020 W Ardmore – Fireworks call.

9:10pm, 5800 N Ridge – Another call about a black female, either very intoxicated or possible mental case. The cops who responded to the last call did not see anything but are going back.

9:18pm, 1700 W Balmoral – Battery in progress. Group of men fighting in the alley.

9:24pm, 5530 N Camel – Fireworks reported.

9:25pm, 1618 W Leland – Disturbance reported. 2 males, father and son, arguing.

9:26pm, Broadway & Victoria – Fireworks reported.

9:36pm, Thorndale El Stop – Fireworks reported. This is getting repetitive.

9:44pm, No joke, I just heard Fireworks outside of my own condo……ironic considering the amount of fireworks posts tonight. But I will not call the cops.

Da-ba-da-ba-daaaats all folks! Until next time…..

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