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Starbucks at Broadway/Devon receives Alderman & community support

The proposed Starbucks at 6350 N Broadway (southwest corner of Broadway & Devon) has received the support of surrounding residents and Alderman Harry Osterman.

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  • JoJo

    Bummer, so many good independent coffee places to go to near by.

  • Jon

    Edgewater has arrived!

  • Rob

    Why?!? There are several good coffee shops already in walking distance from this location, not to mention a starbucks just up Sheriden.

  • Joel
  • Wewilliewinkleman

    People just hate any progress in Edgewater. I guess we should just rename Edgewater — Backwater.

    • JoJo

      Why would ANOTHER Starbuck be “progress”?

      • Michael

        Because it’s opening on a sh*tty corner that’s been vacant for years. And it’s an interesting concept. Anything opening on that corner would be progress as far as I’m concerned.

        • JoJo

          I agree that corner is an eyesore. Another type of business that wouldn’t jeopardize the independent (tastier) coffee houses would be a better option.

          • steveo

            u gonna open it? if not, then keep dreamin’

          • Wewilliewinkleman

            Ooops, we just got a business interested in investing in Edgewater. We hate it don’t we? Let’s just keep only empty storefronts with 3rd rate art here. Having Starbucks invest here just might interest other innovative investors to the dilapidated street. Boo Hoo

          • JoJo

            If I wanted Starbucks and CVS/Walgreens on every corner I would move to the suburbs. The city is looking more like this every year. It’s not adding anything to our neighborhood it’s just more of the same.

          • steveo

            @cac809c80c13fd3274aa5b1f82195680:disqus I am all for Starbucks. I don’t get these people that seem to think they should have a say in what opens up there when they are not the ones stepping up financially. Heck I’d be all for some sort of unique independent business but Starbucks is better than an ugly empty yellow fast food place.

    • JoJo

      Why is ANOTHER Starbucks considered “progress”?

  • urbaneddie

    while i’m not against a starbucks opening on the corner, what i don’t like is the continued auto-centric design of the development. this corner should be built up with higher density.

    • plusorange

      100% agree. Too many barren stretches on parking lots and car spaces on Broadway. No one wants to walk past lot after lot. Density now!

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  • I prefer Dunkin Donuts,

  • Fantomina

    As a Rogers Park resident who lives just a bit north and west of this awful lot, I embrace the Starbucks. I’m not a regular drinker of their syrupy brew (at all) and my favorite local place is, of course, Metropolis, just a bit south on Granville. I have zero fear that Metropolis’s business would be harmed. Stella, just a block west on Devon, would be in tougher shape. BUT frankly, the space is a total disaster. It is extremely depressing that the alderman can do no more than applaud the corporate use of it–why didn’t he try somehow to encourage a local entrepreneur to develop it? But given the embrace of corporate incursions into Edgewater and Andersonville, why not celebrate the development of a corner that’s a total disaster? I firmly believe that the Loyola students are a HUGE untapped market. There’s room for everybody to buy what they want and then some. Devon NEEDS upgrading badly. The massive success of Uncommon Ground shows that any local business with the right formula (i.e. not too upscale, not too precious, alas, like the failed Viet) will do WELL. Why hasn’t Uncommon Ground provided an incentive to other local restauranteurs? We’ve got M. Henrietta and now Ann Sather on Granville… why not Devon?

  • bill
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