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Scammers on Glenlake, robbers on Glenwood

7:16 PM, 1249 W. Glenlake – Caller reports 2 males are going door to door, claiming to be collecting donations on behalf of Lands Farms. One of the suspects is described as Hispanic, wearing a white shirt and green hat.

7:35, 1741 W. Farragut – Report of several teens loitering near a car in the alley.

7:41, 5624 N. Clark – 2 males are harassing people in a store at this address.

7:45, Lincoln and Foster – Reckless driver in a red pickup, last seen heading northbound.

7:48, Granville and Glenwood – Caller reports 2 teenage black males wearing multicolored hoodies attempted to rob him. They threatened him with a box cutter, but he was able to get away. An Officer is talking with the victim at 5620 N. Clark.

8:04, Elmdale and Glenwood – Report of a second attempted box cutter robbery. Description of the offenders is similar to the previous report (2 teenage black males, one wearing a dark colored hoodie and the other wearing a light colored one).

8:35, 1055 W. Bryn Mawr – Officers were pursuing and have apprehended 2 shoplifting suspects in the alley on the north side of the street.

8:41, 5615 N. Winthrop – Officers are in the alley requesting a cage car to pick up the 2 suspects from the above report.

9:00, Bryn Mawr and Winthrop – Male caller says he was threatened at this intersection This is apparently unrelated to the 8:35 shoplifting incident.

9:28, Clark and Hollywood – Report of a gang disturbance. Gang or Tac unit asked to respond.

9:38, Loyola Red Line stop – Caller says a black male flashed a gun and attempted a robbery near the station. The offender fled in an unknown direction.

9:44, Loyola Red Line stop – Officers have a suspect with a toy gun in custody near the stop. They’re requesting that the dispatcher try to contact the person who originally called to report the incident.

10:15, 1608 Rosehill – Confirmed burglary from a garage at this address..

10:15, Foster and Western – Report of several males with baseball bats threatening people near the 7-Eleven. Responding unit says they don’t see anything going on.

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