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Marty’s Martini Bar Anticipated Expansion Canceled

martys2With a die-hard following of cocktail lovers, Marty’s Martini Bar at 1511 W Balmoral Ave. has been filling up glasses with spirits for ten years now. The narrow bar has a charm of its own with a very intimate setting. However, the small space can get very crowded as the ever-growing number of patrons come in to celebrate.

Over the last year or so, the word got out that the business would be expanding East into a much larger space. Though many were thrilled at the idea of extra space, others were worried the intimate setting would be lost. It was a tough decision for bar owner Marty Rogo. The square footage of the addition was a lot more than what he wanted.

Mr. Rogo explained that he made the hard decision not to expand at this time. He said, “As I got into the expansion planning, it became clear to expand meant a lot of changes to Marty’s. Our charm and character would have been lost. And I feel I would have been ‘selling out’.” He added, “Yes, I know, a little more space would have been nice, but a little wasn’t being offered, a lot was.”

The patrons who were anticipating the expansion and the personal touch the owner would have put into it will surely be disappointed. However, Mr. Rogo knows what made Marty’s such a destination in the first place, “I realized through the process that I was proud of my little bar just the way it is. I know many supporters were divided on the question of expansion. This time I can only please half of you and hope the other half understands. It just wasn’t for us.”

Expect that small bar charm to continue, and yes, expect the sound of the occasional martini glass breaking on the floor because someone bumps it off the table when its crowded. It’s what makes Marty’s…. Marty’s! And Mr. Rogo seems content with what he has created by saying, “I’m still shocked when people show up each night! We’re looking forward to the next 10 years.”


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