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Johnny Brown Bag

Dine in: Panino di Pollo e Peperonata. Credit: Christopher Balza

Hello, Johnny Brown Bag – you have earned a place in my heart! Though I don’t have an ounce of Italian blood in me, my stomach sure boats otherwise. Shortly after Johnny Brown Bag made his debut in Andersonville, a friend and I decided we would go see what it was all about. Upon arriving we were warmly greeted by the staff and asked if we were dining in or taking out. Of course, we decided to stay!

The atmosphere is warm and inviting with the undertone of fresh, new construction. Their kitchen is in plain view of anyone sitting at the bar seating area, which provides an excellent backdrop should you be curious to see how your food is prepared.

The concept is really intriguing and provides well for the neighborhood. Should you want to dine in, take out, or order via their website or Grub Hub, JBB has seems to cater to every mode of food delivery. In addition to dining in, I ordered via Grub Hub and had just as good of experience as one would have in the restaurant.

Now, the food! For my dine-in experience I had the “Panino di Pollo e Peperonata” ($9.00) which included delicious pan sautéed fries along with a San Pellegrino Limonata ($3.00). It arrived in a reasonable amount of time and boasted a fresh and flavorful experience which left my plate “licked clean” at the end of my meal.

When ordering via Grub Hub I decided to build my own pasta creation of penne pasta and Bolognese sauce ($9.00) along with a side of Ciabatta Veneziana flatbread ($8.00). Being as I live in Edgewater, my food arrived piping hot in a respectable amount of time. Just a heads up, for those who might be ordering in for date night, the flatbread is very garlicy (which I equate to very delicious).

Overall, I would give JBB a very warm welcome to the neighborhood and my food critic nod of approval. Be sure if you are dining in to ask about their coffee creations to top off your night!

Delivery: penne pasta and Bolognese sauce with a side of Ciabatta Veneziana flatbread. Credit: Christopher Balza

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