Edgeville Buzz

Friday night

11:23pm, Greenview & Sherwin – officer flagged down by person. Not sure yet what the situation is. Turns out people from the suburbs parked their car here and their vehicle was broken into and things (inlcuding a GPS system) were stolen. Welcome to the city!

11:31pm, 2450 W Peterson – commercial alarm going off. Backup requested. Officer declined backup as this alarm aparently goes off frequently.

11:33pm, 1438 W Pratt – Domestic disturbance.

11:33pm, 1434 W Pratt – Large group of people drinking. Lady is laying on the sidewalk intoxicated. Do not believe this is related to the incident above.

11:40pm, 5425 N Ravenswood – Officers going into a residence with a warrant to arrest someone.

11:43pm, 5050 N Sheridan – Homeless black male hanging out in front of the building.

11:49pm, Sheridan & Lawrence – minor disturbance.

11:50pm, 1600 W Greenleaf – Burglary in progress.

11:51pm, Ashland & Howard- Domestic battery. Girlfriend called, having dispute with intoxicated boyfriend.

11:51pm, 1207 W Farwell – Gang disturbance. Loud group of hispanic males yelling at each other.

11:52pm, Dispatcher and officers are getting catty with each other and then start making *meow* noises at each other.

11:54pm, Curfew mission.

11:58pm, 1600 W Victoria – kids setting off fireworks.

12:00am, 1512 W Fargo – Combative patient at mental hospital.

12:04pm, Damen & Fargo – Group of teens throwing rocks at cars.

12:18pm, Foster & Sheridan – reckless driving Ford Taurus, no rear plate.

12:24pm, Car (and passengers) of above post found at 4800 N Winthrop by another officer.

12:26pm, 1200 W Pratt – Battery in progress, someone getting beat up on the front lawn. Multiple call ins about this one.

12:32am, 1200 W Gunnison – Battery in progress.

12:32am, 1220 W Gunnison – Domestic disturbance. Two females fighting – appear to be the same incident.

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