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Don’t Touch Our Lakeshore!!!

A blogger with the Chicago Tribune recently wrote about Daley’s support of a plan that would stretch the lakefront park from Hollywood Beach to Evanston. This was originally the plan of Daniel Burnham, who is credited with giving our city its beutiful lakefront park system. However, as you probably know, it was never completed and the lakefront park stops at Hollywood. The Burnham Plan Centennial Committee is looking into ways to build a continuous waterfront park stretching from Evanston to the Indiana border. While normally I would support such efforts to expand our park system – how will this effect Edgewater and our current residents who live in the highrises where they plan to extend the lakeshore? Also, what effect will filling in parts of the lake have on the environment? While Mr. Daley is upset that when biking the path “it just stops” at Hollywood, we hope that this is completely thought through and the Edgewater neighborhood has a say before any plans move forward.

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