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CPS Releases New School Rating System, Edgewater Schools Place High

Pierce Elementary

Pierce Elementary

Chicago Public Schools released their new rating system yesterday for the 664 schools in the district. Instead of the old three level rating system (1 being best and 3 being worst), there will now be five. Tier one consists of the top performing schools with level-1+ being best and level-1 next. Tier two consists of schools with average ratings with level-2+ followed by level-2. Level-3 remains Chicago’s most troubled schools.

There are a few factors that contribute to the rating system, including:

      • Growth on test scores,
      • Attendance
      • Results from the My Voice (My School Essentials Survey from the 2013-14 school year)
      • College enrollment and dropout rates

This rating system will show CPS which schools need the most support and who gets the most praise or punishment. All in all, 330 schools were considered in good standing with 161 receiving the top rating (level-1+). 148 schools were considered in need of intensive support to improve student achievement including 44 schools which received the lowest rating (level-3).


Senn High School

So how did Edgewater schools place? Very well actually. Goudy Elementary and Peirce elementary nabbed top honors with the highest level 1+ rating. Following close behind with a level-1 rating are all other public schools in Edgewater including Senn High School, Rickover High School, Hayt Elementary and Swift Elementary. It is noteworthy that Rickover had an increase from level-2 last year to level 1 this year.

Alderman Harry Osterman released a statement today saying, “Congratulations to the principals, teachers, parents, and students on their hard work and dedication. The continued progress and improvement in our local schools has been tremendous – and helps prepare our community’s youth for bright futures. Strong schools result in strong, vibrant communities, and the continuing achievement of our local schools continues to make the 48th Ward an incredibly vibrant place for families.”

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