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Andersonville Giordano’s Pizza Closes

After only 30 months in operation, the Andersonville Giordano’s pizzeria at 5207 N. Clark which opened in early 2015, has ceased operation.

The chain restaurant, which owns 48 pizzerias in the Chicago area and 13 in other states, completely gutted the space in hopes of attracting area customers. The building was formerly the site of Ann Sathers restaurant which was owned by Debbie Tunney, Ald. Tom Tunney’s sister.

The windows of the former Giordano’s have been papered over with a simple message that thanks residents for their support.

On the company’s website, they say that the closing is due to a consolidation process and direct customers to two nearby locations in Rogers Park and Lincoln Square.

It is not clear if other stores will be closing at this time.


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  • MicahMc

    Knowing of their history with a rescued bankruptcy I can understand the concern/need to consolidate and not overextend themselves. Hoping A-Ville brings in a business that can revitalize the space!

  • Borgus

    Andersonville had a Giordano’s?
    Asked and answered, eh?

  • Harvey Marx 2: The Remarkening

    I hope the next tenant can salvage the facade

  • M Roper

    This should have surprised no one.

  • Brian Cunningham

    Not surprised. Totally not a good fit for Andersonville. If you want great pizza, you go to Calo. Giordano’s always seemed to be out of place in the hood. Ann Sather’s was a treasure for the neighborhood. Giordano’s was just chain formula style mediocre pizza parlor that always looked out of place. I hope something moves in there that will save the façade.

    • Sylvia Dybiec

      Bar keeps are not trained to take pizza orders. Always had problems and
      when I sent it back all I got was attitude Cannot vouch for other menu items but the beef sandwich is awful.

      .Gonna miss Gio’s.

  • Michael Hampton

    I didn’t think that they would be there long. There are so many really good indie pizza options in Andersonville that a corporate pizza joint didn’t really fit in.