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The Artist Behind The Neighborhood Posters, Christopher Gorz

Christopher Gorz Artwork

Chances are you have seen a piece of art from the poster series in one of our local shops, hanging in a friend’s home or decorating a bar. You might have even purchased one as a gift for someone. The Chicago Neighborhood Poster series is a unique  set of posters created by artist Christopher Gorz, who happens to be an Andersonville resident. We were able to pick his brain a bit about the art he creates and all things local.

1.) What sparked the original idea for creating artwork that centers around the architecture?

There are three things I am passionate about… art, architecture, and Chicago. I’ve always had the desire to merge them. The chance came while taking a screen printing class at Lillstreet Art Center in Ravenswood. For the final project our class was allowed to create original designs. Being drawn to the art deco Post Office in Uptown,  I decided to use the massive eagle sculptures as my artwork inspiration. The illustration needed something at the bottom to balance the design. I put the words UPTOWN underneath it and the series was born.


2.) What makes your Chicago Neighborhood Poster series unique as compared to other Chicago artwork?

My vision is to create art that deepens connections with Chicago neighborhoods. I do this by selecting historic neighborhood icons that we see or walk past every day. Landmarks that have blended into the fabric of the neighborhood over generations. Then I create my art in a style that brings them to life in a bold, fresh way with a different perspective. This gives me a platform to share the fascinating stories behind each of them. As a result, I’ve witnessed a lot of “Aha!” moments from local residents and experienced the reward of seeing people gain additional knowledge and neighborhood pride.

3.) What do you love about living in Andersonville?

Andersonville is an enclave for creativity. The neighborhood embraces the arts and supports shopping local. Just walk down Clark Street and you’ll see it represented in our unique, locally owned businesses. I can get lost for hours exploring stores like the Andersonville Galleria and Foursided.

4.) Are you hoping to grow your concept outside of the Chicago metropolitan area?

Being a native Chicagoan, my love for this city makes the Chicago Neighborhood Poster series my personal passion. So at this time, I have no plans to expand beyond Chicago. With over 200 communities/neighborhoods, the project will keep me busy for years to come.

5.) Do you have a favorite piece and if so, what makes it your favorite? 

With the Andersonville water tower coming down this past week due to ice damage, I’d have to say that is my favorite piece right now. Ironically, I have a large canvas of my water tower artwork hanging in the 2nd floor window at the Andersonville Galleria facing Clark Street. I feel like it is helping to fill the void in its absence, as the Swedish American Museum accesses whether it can be restored and reinstalled. I am hopeful that the beacon of the community will be back.


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