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CTA Releases Conceptual Drawings Of Land Use After Red Line Rebuild, Includes New Hollywood Ave Train Entrance

Hollywood/Broadway Redevelopment Concept


At a meeting held last week at the Edge Theater, CTA showcased a conceptual vision of land use after the red and purple modernization project (RPM) phase one is complete. Those drawings include new residential construction and a Hollywood Ave. entrance to the Bryn Mawr train station.

The transit-oriented development (TOD) study introduced at the meeting aimed to address the needs of a higher density neighborhood near transit stations. They are hoping that the study aided by community input will increase residential density in commercial districts, support area retail, foster more walkable neighborhoods, expand access to jobs and encourage less car-dependency.

The RPM project, which could start next year, will completely overhaul the line between Lawrence and Bryn Mawr Avenues including new tracks, support structures/bridges, ADA-compliant stations with wider platforms, better lighting and advanced safety features.

Even though the entire Edgewater community will be impacted by the project, the area along the red line tracks from Hollywood Ave. to Bryn Mawr Ave. could see the most change. With the likely demolition of the old Toyota dealership at 5619 N. Broadway, a used-car dealership at 5657 N. Broadway and the property adjacent to the southeast side of the Bryn Mawr station, new land will be available for use once the construction is completed.

The CTA conceptual drawings introduced at last week’s meeting show a new 5 to 9-story high rise at 5619 N. Broadway and a 7-story high rise at 5657 N. Broadway. Together both buildings could supply the area with 15,400 sq ft of new retail space and up to 196 additional residential units with parking.

Bryn Mawr Redevelopment Concept

Another conceptual development was introduced for the space left vacant on Bryn Mawr next to the station. That drawing showed a 5-story building with 1,800 sq ft of retail and 16 new residential units. The property will also include alley realignment to support a new track design.

To help increase red line accessibility, a new entrance to the Bryn Mawr station from Hollywood Ave. could be added. CTA says that the new entrance will be an asset and will increase residential demand at the Hollywood/Broadway intersection.

Other notable features from the drawings are elimination of  the concrete columns on street and sidewalks under red line viaducts, improving sightlines and safety for pedestrians, drivers, and bicyclists. To support a wider base, tracks will be widened over streets and alleys along the east side of the current track alignment.



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