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Yoga Options In Edgeville. Time to Warm up!

woman_copy.1.1This winter has yet to let up in 2014 and that has made it difficult to warm up inside and out. But there is a solution to this awful winter weather… YOGA! Full disclosure, I am a yoga instructor at studios all around Chicago. As such, I have witnessed the ebbs and flows of attendance in yoga studios based on weather conditions. What has become very apparent to me in these last few severe months of living in Chiberia, is that people love some yoga in the winter time. Whether a studio is heated or not, the practice of yoga offers us the opportunity to strengthen and stretch the muscles, keep us energized, and use a skillful use of breath to warm up our insides and keep our bodies healthy and vibrant.

There are many diverse schools of yoga that all have a different focus, style of teaching, and method of structuring the practice. Both Andersonville and Edgewater have highly rated studios that approach the yoga practice in different ways. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a class or package at one of our neighborhood’s local yoga studios to warm the body and calm your mind. It makes winter slightly easier to tolerate.

YogaTree Chicago

YogaTree is located in the heart of Andersonville on Clark, between Berwyn and Foster. The studio offers various styles and types of class such as Forrest Yoga, Tantric Vinyasa, Restorative, classes led by candle light, Foundations level, Hatha classes, and regularly scheduled workshops on the weekends. The studio prides itself as being a community based studio, and with so many different instructors, classes and levels of practitioners, YogaTree truly has a vibrant vibe and something to offer everyone who steps foot into the space.

Bikram Yoga Andersonville

Bikram Yoga is located in Andersonville on Clark, just south of Edgewater Avenue. The studio is heated to help increase your physical strength and flexibility and promote circulation and detoxification within the body. Each class is 90 minutes long and goes through a sequence of 26 poses that are labeled as ‘Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class’. Students rave about the health benefits they have seen from committing to their yoga class and doing the set postures on a regular basis.

Chi-Town Shakti

Chi-town Shakti is located on Devon between Wayne and Glenwood. This studio teaches a practice referred to as ‘Shambhava Yoga’ which is described as ‘the direct experience and insight into one’s true inner nature, available to anyone who is ready to surrender the distractions of the mind and open their heart.’ The class styles are varied between Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Prenatal and Meditation classes. They offer workshops and have a dedicated teacher training program as well. Chi-Town Shakti is a small studio full of bright hearts and open minds.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center Chicago

Located on Bryn Mawr just west of Broadway Avenue, is the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in Edgewater and it is one of the oldest studios in the city. They have been in operation in Chicago since 1972, prior to the current yoga craze that has become so trendy over the years. The physical practice of yoga is just one component of the community center, and they offer structured courses based on student level.  As a non-profit organization, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center is run by voluntary staff and dedicated to promoting activities at the center including daily drop-in yoga classes, meditation, philosophy courses, Satsang, group meditation, chanting, special programs with guest speakers, cooking workshops, a yoga bookstore and more.

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