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Witnesses Say SUV Driver Purposely Ran Over Dogs On Wednesday Evening


Scruffy, The dog killed on Wed. (Photo WGN video capture)

The neighborhood is shocked and heartbroken for the dogs and their owners of a horrible incident Wednesday evening. Normally a very peaceful area, “the meadows” (which is the grassy area from Berwyn Ave. to Bryn Mawr Ave. and between the Sheridan high rises and Lake Shore Drive) was a horrific scene of brutality in which one dog was killed and as many as three others injured.

At 5:30 p.m. a white SUV (possibly a Jeep) exited Lake Shore Drive near Park Tower Condos into the park while shots were fired out of its windows. While people ran for cover, somehow the driver of the SUV managed to run several dogs over yet miss every person.

Our Facebook page blew up with comments and outrage over the incident. Neighbors expressed the necessity of finding these individuals in order to seek justice. They may get their wish, as high rise security cams caught the incident on video and are working with area police.

Yesterday evening, WGN News interviewed area residents who stated the driver purposely ran over the dogs. One witness said that he viewed the whole incident from his high rise window. He saw a dog running very fast and that the driver deliberately ran over him, making no attempt to swerve or anything.  That dog was killed. As the vehicle headed towards Bryn Mawr Ave., up to three other dogs were struck by the vehicle.

The dog who died was a five-year-old terrier companion dog named Scruffy. He jumped out of his owner’s arms as she ducked behind trash cans to avoid bullets that sprayed out of the speeding SUV. According to Cathy Castro, the owner of the dog killed, up to three gunmen in the SUV were firing shots with what she thinks were automatic weapons.


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