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Wednesday Evening

8:11pm: Howard & Marshfield – Battery in progress, 10 males assualting each other. Its not believed that any weapons are present.

8:13pm: 6307 N Francisco – Disturbance reported, 8 gang members hanging out in the area.

8:18pm: 7300 N Wolcott – Assualt in progress. Group of black males chasing another black male, yelling at him.

8:20pm: 7359 N Sheridan – Burglary, 2 men jumped caller’s son as he entered the building.

8:21pm: 1029 N Northshore – Group of males near the beach need to be cleared out.

8:22pm: 4833 N Francisco – Missing person.

8:26pm: 1506 W Highland – Group of homeless men drinking in the alley.

8:29pm: Damen & Rogers – Assault in progress, group of black males beat up another male. Suspects walking eastbound.

*not a seperate incident, related to Wilcott call above.

8:29pm: 839 W Castlewood – Disturbance at construction site.

8:32pm: 5100 N Broadway – Commercial alarm going off.

8:43pm: 5737 N Artisian – Burglary in progress. 3 males breaking into a garage. Multiple cars called and warned to be on the lookout that civilian dressed units are also responding.

8:44pm: 4943 N Kenmore – mentally challenged neighbor repeadedly banging on the wall.

8:49pm: Greenview & Northshore – group of kids fighting at the school.

8:50pm: Sheridan & Hollywood – 3 aggressive panhandlers reported.

8:51pm: 1131 W Sheridan – Car accident, also reported as a disturbance as the people involved are arguing and caller worried it may turn into a physical fight.

9:01pm: Broadway Armory premise check.

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