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Of course this isn’t directly related to Edgewater, but the author asked us to help promote his new website and we can’t help but think it’s a great idea. Anyone up for creating one dedicated to Edgewater?

Uptown Solutions
Anyone who visits the site can propose an idea, and others can comment on the existing ideas or add their own. Visitors can also vote up the ideas they like, so that the best ideas tend to float to the top.

Like many others, I’m deeply concerned about problems on the north side, particularly crime. I would love to see your readers and other concerned residents use this site to flesh out their ideas for the community. Ideally, we would eventually come up with a platform of ideas that we would then take to the aldermanic candidates, the CPD, etc. – an agenda for the neighborhood, developed by its residents. Having a concrete list of proposals should make it easier to rally support from the community and push for action by our elected officials.

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