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Three more found pets

Min Pin Mix found on 6/14/11 at Sheridan and Arthur.
Please contact Mary with description and identifiable details.
(773) 316-0181
or email: mduros@gmail.com

A small gray & white cat came howling up to my window last night upon hearing my boyfriend and I talking; we went out to our back porch with some food, and it promptly ran up & scarfed down the entire bowl.
While it was eating, we noticed an indent in the neck fur that suggested a collar had recently been removed- leading us to believe this cutie is someone’s lost pet!
A neighbor came outside, and said that they’d seen the cat for about 2 weeks in our neighborhood (Andersonville, near Glenwood & Foster).

This cat is small (looks about 6lbs) and skinny, with mostly gray on its back, and white on its belly; it has a small gray patch on its nose and on its chin, but the most distinguishing feature is a damaged right ear.
This little guy or gal is very sweet, and seems pretty desperate for human attention (it yowls at my backdoor whenever I go inside & is sleeping on my leg as I type this!)

I thought I’d post this and wait a few days before bringing it to a shelter, so please email, or call 773.747.9895, if you are, (or know), the owner!

FOUND DOG! This pretty girl was found on Thursday 6/16 around 5 pm at Loyola Beach near Albion. She had on a red harness with no tags, is very well behaved, and seems to have had puppies at some point. If you know anything about her, please contact Dan at
(616) 291-6808

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