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The ‘Greenest House’ In Andersonville Meets Its Fate

greenest2A couple weeks ago we reported on the story about the ‘greenest house’ in Andersonville and the approval of the permits needed to tear down the home. It quickly became one our biggest stories of the year and earned many comments online in favor of demolition and others in support of the structure to remain in tact.

Well today was decision day and it was not in line with what some had hoped for. The demolition crew started bright and early today as they began tearing down the home. By 3pm, almost nothing remained. All that is left now is an empty double-wide lot at the corner of Paulina and Balmoral.

The old turn of the century farmhouse which was there much longer than most of the other buildings in the area, was completely gutted and revamped to be one of the greenest houses in the area. It had open-cell spray foam insulation, radiant floor heating with a tankless water heater and efficient split-system air conditioning. As reported, it was also recognized as the oldest house in the U.S. to rise to LEED-Silver building standards. However there was no buyer to be found who would pay the $1.6 million price tag and the home sat vacant since 2009. Once the realtor relisted the property at just under a million, someone snatched it up in October, 2014. The new owner’s plans however, led to the house’s demise today.

“Sad. I’ll be so disappointed if it is demolished and replaced with a McMansion”, said one viewer on our Facebook page. She was not alone as many thought it to be such a waste to tear it down. But others just did not care for the updated look of the house. Another Facebook viewer saying, “Great lot, but the house was not that great inside. Bad decisions on layout and the job was only half done.”

Sadly, fate stepped in. Supposedly the new owner’s intention is to build a single family home on the land. R.I.P. ‘greenest house’ In Andersonville.

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