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Surprise Sprinkler System Mandate Vote Today

sprinklerIt has been some time since the sprinkler mandate proposal led by the Northern Illinois Sprinkler Advisory Board and the State Fire Marshall was withdrawn because of intense protest by high rise dwellers in Chicago. The bill would have demanded that all condominium associations, co-ops and townhomes be immediately fitted with costly sprinkler systems that may cost each unit owner approximately $35,000 each.

Surprise! It’s back and only announced today that the vote is 1pm this afternoon. Many residents are fuming this morning as they feel taken in by tactics of the State Fire Marshall’s office. In a statement released today by ASCO (Association of Sheridan Condominum/co-op Owners), “It is embarrassing for us to learn and tell you about this crisis so late in the game, but frankly we didn’t know.”

Alderman James Cappleman also weighed in by releasing an official statement, “While we all thought this ended the matter, I have recently been informed that lobbyists in Springfield are still attempting to push through a similarly onerous mandate resulting in further negative unnecessary regulations on area residents. A proposed amendment to counter these lobbyists was just released today out of the Rules Committee.” The alderman continues, “The most disturbing aspect of the current proposal is the attempt to circumvent the state’s legislative process by pushing the proposed regulations through a committee called the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR). This is not the committee that should be making the decision for an unfunded mandate of this magnitude.”

Representative Sara Feigenholtz has been in the process of amending the fire sprinkler bill (4069). She has also introduced legislation that requires “any such proposal must first be vetted by the full legislature while establishing a task force to continue to look at the issue.”

Again, the vote for this legislation is at 1pm today. To view the proposed legislation in its entirety, please click here. Ald. Cappelman is urging everyone to call and email the legislators who sit on the State Government Administration Committee and tell them to vote for Amendment 1 to HB 4609. Here is the list:

epresentative Jack D. Franks

63rd District

(217) 782-1717

(815) 334-0063



Representative Emily McAsey

85th District

(217) 782-4179

(815) 372-0085



Representative Robert W. Pritchard

70th District

(217) 782-0425

(815) 748-3494



Representative Jaime M. Andrade, Jr.

40th District

(217) 782-8117

(773) 267-2880



Representative Dan Brady

105th District

(217) 782-1118

(309) 662-1100



Representative Adam Brown

102nd District

(217) 782-8398

(217) 607-5104


Representative John M. Cabello

68th District

(217) 782-0455

(815) 282-0083



Representative Katherine Cloonen

79th District

(217) 782-5981

(815) 939-1983



Representative Fred Crespo

44th District

(217) 782-0347

(630) 372-3340



Representative Monique D. Davis

27th District

(217) 782-0010

(773) 445-9700



Representative David Harris

53rd District

(217) 782-3739

(224) 764-2440



Representative David McSweeney

52nd District

(217) 782-1517

(847) 516-0052



Representative Christian L. Mitchell

26th District

(217) 782-2023

(773) 924-1755



Representative Michelle Mussman

56th District

(217) 782-3725

(847) 923-9104



Representative Wayne Rosenthal

95th District

(217) 782-8071

(217) 324-5200



Representative Carol A. Sente

59th District

(217) 782-0499

(847) 478-9909



Representative Barbara Wheeler

64th District

(217) 782-1664

(815) 900-6759



Representative Kathleen Willis

77th District

(217) 782-3374

(708) 562-6970



Representative Sam Yingling

62nd District

(217) 782-7320

(847) 231-6262


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