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Sprinkler Mandate Update. Corrected Information.

sprinklerOn Wednesday, ASCO (Association Of Sheridan Condominium/Co-op Owners) released  an email in response to a letter Alderman Cappleman had put out. The alderman’s letter explained that the the State Fire Marshal was still trying to get a bill passed that would reignite the fire sprinkler mandate, but that State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz was introducing new legislation at 1pm on Wednesday to counteract such a mandate. Though the letter was worded correctly, it was a bit confusing. ASCO had then released the email in response to that letter thinking that the 1pm vote happening that day was for a new mandate by the Fire Marshal and the Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board. In fact, the legislation being voted on that day was that of State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz.

EVB received an email the same day our story was published by Tom Lia from the Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board. He stated, “There is no truth to the statements made by the legislators and alderman that the fire marshal or others were putting a bill up to repeat the same (fire sprinkler mandate) as last year.” Mr. Lia added, “That is a total fabrication that can be proved by any search of the Illinois House or Senate bills.”

In a phone conversation with Sheli Lulkin of ASCO, she admitted that her email was incorrect and felt bad about the confusion it caused. We tried to reach Alderman Cappellman’s office several times to discuss the situation but our calls were ignored. However, State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz’s office was much more receptive in helping explain the situation.

EVB would like to thank Tom Lia of the Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board  and to State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz’s office for providing us with the correct information. It is EVB’s goal to bring you fair, balanced and correct  information.

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