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Shots fired – Winthrop & Berwyn

From the EBNA Block Club:
A little after midnight late Thursday/early Friday a bullet was shot through the living room window at 5253 N. Winthrop. The owner was in the living room, sitting in a chair by the window, with the lights on. A bullet entered midway through the top pane about 4 feet above my head. The owner was not injured. The owner called the police and they came and took a report. The police recovered a bullet from the floor in the living room. According to the officers who took the report, others on the block heard 3 shots fired and also called the police. They said one person saw someone running after hearing the shots.

Two days prior to this incident gang graffiti appeared on the door of 5253 Winthrop. The owner called 311 and the city worker said it would be about 2 weeks before they can come out to remove it. We are not sure if the gun shot and the gang graffiti are related, but it seems that way.

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