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Shots Fired at Devon and Damen

5:53 PM, Morse Red Line stop – El check.

5:55, 2600 W. Winona – Residential burglary confirmed, evidence tech requested.

5:59, Broadway and Berwyn (Jewel) – Woman says her husband walked off with some men he met in the store and has disappeared.

6:08, 5350 N. Washtenaw – Gang disturbance. 5-6 Hispanic males loitering in the alley.

6:23, Clark St. and Rogers Ave. – A gold Chevy with several black males in it driving around Ashland Park as well as Pottawatomie Park, the occupants of the vehicle reportedly have guns.

6:27 – Officer has visual ID on a gold Chevy Impala northbound about 3 blocks north of Howard. Dispatcher is asking for other units to be on alert.

6:30 – Park supervisor at Ashland Park says he has been outside and did not seeing anything going on. Officer following the Impala calls a false alarm.

6:33, 1600 W. Greenleaf – Gang dispersal.

6:36, Catalpa and Magnolia – 2 homeless men appear to be scoping the block.

6:40, 5700 N. Sheridan – Man with a red Afro is yelling at passing cars in the intersection.

6:42, 5254 N. Campbell – Man just walked into the building with no pants on.

6:49, 5550 N. Kenmore – An unknown black male threatened the caller with a fist, and attempted to take her bags. Apparently she resisted, and the suspect is now headed eastbound.

6:53, Ashland and Greenleaf – A wagon and at least 2 units are en route to break up about 10 kids fighting in the street.

7:00, Devon and Damen – Report of shots fired.

7:03 – A slowdown is given on the shots fired call.

7:04, 6522 N. Damen – Female caller says that her vehicle appears to have bullet holes in it.

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