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Sheridan Road – Danger Zone?

A frustrated & concerned reader writes in with concerns about speeding on Sheridan near schools and parks.

“There have been 3 maybe 4 car accidents on Sheridan rd between Glenlake & Granville. One of which, took out the bus shelter by Granville. Luckily, no pedestrians were hurt. This is one block from Sacred Heart grade school and Berger playground. The need for speed reduction on Sheridan rd is now, not when MAS clears her docket…..I was wondering if you could do an article about the law requiring a lowered speed limit around schools and playgrounds. I have been communicating with our alderman, Mary Ann Smith, Doug Fraser and Monica Hammer regarding … the lack of signage for lowered speed limits by our three schools and two playgrounds on Sheridan Rd. I have also been on them about the “Quiet Zone” laws around hospitals, churches, schools and nursing facilities for nine months. As of this date, she has done nothing. ”

There is an Illinois law (see below) that allows the local government to lower the speed limit near parks where speeding can be a heightned danger. What do you think – does Sheridan Road need lower speed limits and related signs near parks and schools?

94TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY State of Illinois 2005 and 2006
Introduced 1/12/2006, by Rep. John D’Amico
625 ILCS 5/11-605.3 new
Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code. Establishes speed limits for park zones where children are present. Provides that units of local government may set maximum speeds of less than 20 miles per hour for park zones. Provides that (i) exceeding the posted speed limit while passing a park zone or in an area where children are going to or coming from a park zone or (ii) failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign or signal, including a signal at which a right turn on red is permitted, in an area where a park zone speed limit applies, is a violation of the new provision. Provides that a violation of the new provision is a petty offense with a minimum fine of $250 for a first offense and $500 for a second or subsequent offense. Provides that the violator shall be charged an additional $50, to be paid to the park district for safety purposes. Provides that, within 6 months of the effective date of the new provision, the Department of Transportation shall design a set of standardized traffic signs for park zones and park zone streets, the design of which shall be made available to all units of local government or manufacturers at no charge except for reproduction and postage.
LRB094 17117 DRH 52404 b

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