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Saint Harridan Andersonville Pop-Up Re-Engineers Suits For Women And Transmen


Photo Saint Harridan

Saint Harridan is an Oakland based shopping boutique that specializes in high-end suits, ties, shirts, pants and more for those who can’t usually find what they are looking for at a regular men’s clothing store. The pop-up is happening next to Joie De Vine, at 1748 W. Balmoral and has been going since Friday. They will be open until the 23rd, 11am – 6pm and welcomes anyone and everyone. They have been doing pop-ups since the summer of 2013 and traveling from major city to major city with great success.

There are limited options for customers who don’t fit gender normative style clothing. For women or transmen who fancy themselves a suit complete with trousers, a traditional dress shirt and perhaps a tie or accessories, it is exhaustive to find something that fits properly. Men’s suits typically don’t compliment various bodies around the chest area, the hips, shoulders, and other places. The process of buying clothes in stores where you may not look like the average customer can be an emotional and exhaustive one. Nothing fits properly or compliments the body in the right way. Clerks and sales people are often at a loss or don’t know how to accommodate to non-gender conforming bodies and fashion tastes. But there is a fashion trend on the rise intending to meet this demand. Saint Harridan is one of the companies that has been there from the beginning and is dynamically changing the shopping experience for customers that have money to spend and not enough brands that understand their fashion needs.


Photo Saint Harridan

The company is the dream of Mary Going, who labels herself both an entrepreneur and social activist. With an impressive academic and professional resume, the venture of making masculine custom suits for women, transmen and non-gender conforming people was not just to make money. After marriage equality passed in California in 2008, Mary and her partner of 10 years were planning their marriage. After failed shopping trips for men’s suits specifically for their nuptials, she finally decided to have one custom-made. While she spent a small fortune on the outfit, she felt amazingly confident and that experience was life-changing. Thus came Saint Harridan.

Rather then turn to venture capitalists to fund their start-up costs, they underwent a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2012. With over 1,000 backers they were able to raise over $137,000 to get them up and running. From there the company has expanded and is making a name for themselves across the country and in the fashion world.

Saint Harridan has gone through great measures to ensure that the places in which their suits are being made are safe working environments and utilize ethical manufacturing standards for those doing the craftsmanship. “After all, if we are going to rise, we must all rise together,” states Mary Going. They use a factory that pays a fair wage to workers and have locations in North Carolina and Massachusetts. 

While they can’t travel and do pop-ups everywhere, they do have online ordering functionality that modifies suits to cater to each individual customer’s size and fashion needs. 

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