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Rumor Mill: Mariano’s and Whole Foods considering Foster/Sheridan Dominick’s

Foster / Sheridan Dominck's. Credit: Yelp / Bob B

Foster / Sheridan Dominck’s. Credit: Yelp / Bob B

The rumors continue to swirl around the fate of the newer Dominck’s store located on the corner of Sheridan & Foster.

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  • grudge

    whole foods is not going to foster/ sheridan…. if trader joes turned gown the neighborhood and this is not the correct neighborhood for whole foods… it will be mariano’s or trader joes

    • Michael Yonkman

      Whole Foods just opened a store in downtown Detroit and is opening a store in Englewood. I rest my case.

      • mikehunt

        not going to be whole foods… i will stick with what i said… whole foods does not have a bank in it and it appears that the us bank is staying.. whole foods does not have a starbucks and it appears they are staying as well…

        • Jim Olson

          Well, they’re not going to be able to stay if no-one buys these properties.

      • StopBullyingMe Waaaaaaaahhhhhh

        The Whole Foods in Detroit is not downtown. It is near Wayne State University in a thriving area not a war zone like Englewood. The WF was built in that area of Detroit because of the demographics not because they were forced. We’ll see which one stands the test of time. Please take your cheap digital camera and ignorance back to Kalamazoo.

        There is no possible way a WF will sustain itself in Edgewater, especially at that corner. Most there are on SS, welfare or disability. Those that aren’t can’t afford to eat at the restaurants where they wait on tables.

        • Sandy Andina

          You’re all wet about Edgewater Glen’s demographic–very few w. of B’way are “on SS, welfare or disability:” most are single-family homeowners who are professional or other highly skilled workers; those on SS also are either still working or have good retirement incomes. We like our Dominicks and don’t find it too expensive–we’d welcome something as or more upscale. Unfortunately, it’s twice the size of any property Whole Foods would consider (they want <30K SF and it's 60K), too close to the soon-to-open Mariano's megastore in Ravenswood, and way too close to Trader Joe's sister property Aldi just 2 bl. north (depressing and downscale–few in E.G. shop there). Fresh Market is anything but fresh–the stuff I've bought from their RP branch goes bad w/in a couple of days. But it'd be better than what Kroger insists on building if it gets the remaining Dom's stores (it wants to buy all or none): Food 4 Less. Ugh. Makes Aldi look like Tiffany's. Hoping for Fresh Farms (like the one across from Village Crossing–multiple ethnic depts. and very fresh meats, fish & produce) or at least a Strack & Van Til–heck, we'd even take a Jewel rather than see the store go under or downscale.

          And despite this morning's shooting (which was initiated across B'way in E. Edgewater), Edgewater Glen ranks 73d out of 77 Chi. neighborhoods in quality-of-life crimes, 71st in violent crimes and 53d in property crimes–hardly a "war zone."

        • Vortex21x

          Are you an idiot and even really looked how much the demographics in the area has changed over the last 5 years. Alot of the low income area is actually about 2 miles further down Sheridan. And this location now is at the edge of the very large upscale highrises that dot Sheridan road north of Foster. Also Andersonville, which is now pretty darn upscale is 2 blocks over, plus being at the mouth of foster and an entrance point for LSD, means this location is “on the way” to work and home for many who use the drive. All the depressed areas around the Target store has also changed and Andersonville is now a hot neighborhood. Pluses on the closeness to the CTA Red line to.

  • Grammar Nazi

    Does your website have a proofreader? I counted three sloppy mistakes in spelling and grammar. Seriously, this is unprofessional and make me suspect of any information contained above.

    • jbressman

      no, frankly, we dont – i’m a one man band running a neighborhood blog. but thanks for the supportive comments.

      • GrammarNazi

        The least you can do is spell check. Type it out in a word processing program (like Word) and notice all the squiggly red and green lines underneath certain words like
        – Dominck’s
        – Thanskgiving
        When I typed them in here I saw them.
        Maybe a grammar refresher course might help too!

    • Diane Skolnique

      Back off!

    • gscan

      So, Edgeville Buzz reports information conveyed to its by a reader (hearsay), who in turns receives said information from an employee (hearsay), who in turn has surmised the information based on the comings-and-goings of Mariano representative (conjecture). And its the grammar that makes you “suspect of any information contained above”!?

    • Mark Jones

      What an obnoxious comment. Thousands of people in the Edgewater neighborhood have relied on this blog over the years as the definitive source of information for the area, and you’re interested in callously commenting on grammar? This isn’t the New York Times, bitch.

      • GrammarNazi

        Who you calling a bitch, whore! ;-)

    • AvilleA

      Wouldn’t “makes me suspect” be correct?

      • Freddi

        Yes, grammar person had a grammar mistake.

  • robinm

    Just talked with an employee today at the Dominick’s on Glenlake. Union told them they are out of jobs. So many have worked at that store for many years. It is the holidays, and they are out of work. If Mariano’s or Whole Foods comes in, I hope they will honor those who have worked in our neighborhood and have been providing us goods all these years. They deserve to be considered for jobs in their stores.

    • mikehunt

      building both on broadway and foster have been removed from available properties available by dominicks.. neither will be whole foods…

    • StopBullyingMe Waaaaaaaahhhhhh

      What does the holidays have to do with anything? Most of you would get your rocks off by shutting down a church.

  • MC

    “Mariano’s owner Roundy’s buying 11 Dominick’s store”, including the one at 5201 N Sheridan