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Poll results: Funny business

In our latest poll on the ECB, we asked readers “If the 48th Ward Alderman election were held today, who would you vote for?” The last time we checked, on Friday, the poll had just over 100 respondants with Harry Osterman holding a commanding lead with about 100 votes and about 10 votes for Phil Bernstein, while a handful of respondants voted Undecided. However, by the time the poll closed over the weekend the number of respondants had jumped dramatically, with over 200 responses for Phil Bernstein and over 600 votes for Harry Osterman. There were 14 “Undecided” votes. We know this poll, which is run by Google’s Blogger, is unscientific but one can’t help but wonder what type of funny business went on just before the poll closed.

UPDATE: After checking our web traffic reports, this Saturday was the 3rd highest traffic day for Unique Visitors within the month of October. Saturdays are typically our slowest day of the week for web traffic. As opposed to one person voting repeatedly, it is likely that someone sent out a mass email or somehow attracted people to the poll to vote (completely a guess on our part).

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