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Philip Bernstein running for 48th Ward Alderman

We received word on our Facebook page that there is a second candidate running for 48th Ward Alderman: Philip Bernstein. Here is more info on Philip from his “About Me” section of his campaign website:

Dear 48th Ward Citizens:
For more info on his campaign, visit his website: www.bernsteinforalderman.com

It is clearly time to end the decades of business as usual in the 48th Ward. It is time to send the ingrained politicians, the political class and the elitist insiders in this ward a message: your time is over. You have done enough damage to the ward, which you have regarded as your personal playground.The 48th ward now reverts back to its 62,000+ citizens, each and every one of them.

When elected Alderman, I will bring fresh air into the ward: professional decision making & management using basic economic and environmental principles and business practices designed to enhance the business community, the vibrancy of business and housing, and of course the resultant livability in the 48th.

No longer will decisions, and influence be had by a handful real estate developers and insiders whose primary objective is to enhance their standing and business at the expense of others. No longer will these insiders and zealots be in a position to say what is best for you: YOU will get your own say when I am alderman. I WILL OPEN MY OFFICES TO HEAR THE VIEWS OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, NOT THROUGH SOME 3RD PARTY SPOKESPERSON.

I will forcefully advocate for our ward interests in City Hall. I will insure that our fair share of resources go to the Ward; that city budgets and assets be actively and professionally managed; that new taxes not be considered; that spending and budgets be tied to current tax collections and revenue; that city assets remain the property of the city, not sold to some insider business, hurting us all for decades and decades to come.

And most of all, I will be an independent voice, NOT a YES MAN in the City Council. Imagine the financial footing Chicago would be on if the City Council were made up of 50 independent thinkers, not 50 toadies? We would be the envy of the United States!

I will bring this ward to the status it so richly deserves: a beautiful lakefront community that should have vibrant and unique businesses, be free of crime, and whose worth is multiple times what exists at present.

We will make the 48th Ward what it should have been decades ago, before the insiders, zealots and professional politicians, and the pedigreed legacy political class took it over.

Enough of the current way of doing business. That way is bankrupt. People throughout the state of Illinois are coming to this realization. I know that the people of Edgewater are intelligent enough to come to this conclusion as well.

Together, we will make the 48th Ward the premier ward in the city, a model for good governance and decision making; a model for professional and independent representation in City Hall, and we’ll do it the right way.


Philip Bernstein

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