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People, people, people on Kenmore

A reader inquires:

Any idea what was (is?) going on in the 5400 block of N Kenmore? This morning around 10 I was walking up Sheridan to go to the Bryn Mawr L stop when people were 3+ across lined up. The line seemed to start at a building on the east side of Kenmore, 3 or 4 buildings south of Catalpa, going north on Kenmore around the corner all the way to Sheridan and had started to curl around Sheridan going southward.

On my way back home, shortly after noon, getting off the train at Berwyn there were at least 3 or 4 people asking the customer assistant at the station how to get to Kenmore. I walked up Kenmore to Balmoral (before cutting over to Sheridan) and there were a few marked police cars with blue lights flashing (plus a few unmarked cars). There still seemed to be quite a few people at the north end of the street, but when I got to the alley there were no people there down at Catalpa, so the line had shortened some what.

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