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Nookies in November – becoming more of a reality

Multiple readers have informed us that the construction activity at Nookies is continuing at a fast pace. On a few occassions workers have had the boards that cover the windows removed, and readers have been able to see inside where the workers are working furiously including installing drywall. In addition, they are redoing the sidewalk in front of the building. If anyone captures a photo of the construction activity or progress, please share it with us.

Personally, I am excited for Nookies to come to Bryn Mawr as that corner has sat empty for years and another business/dining option in the area is always welcome. However, as a former Lakeview resident I would say my past Nookies experiences have been average though I will be sure to give the new one another shot (or two, or three) if it does indeed every open. I’m curious how our readers feel who have dined at a Nookies location previously – vote in our latest poll! For those unfamiliar with Nookies, check them out on the web: www.nookiesrestaurants.net

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