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New Businesses Continue To Grow On Devon


Photo Courtesy Maddiebird Facebook

Devon Ave. has had an upsurge of new businesses in the last year, and this past Saturday there was a one-year celebration to honor a few of these new shops including, Maddiebird Bakery and Audio Archaeology. With the development of the Heartland Health Center and a few locations up for rent, the neighborhood is hoping the momentum remains strong and more businesses will consider adding to the Devon corridor, where Edgewater and Rogers Park come together.

Maddiebird Bakery is a mom n’ pop cupcake shop that specializes in artistically crafted type cupcakes, all made from scratch. With plenty of families living in the hood, birthday celebrations are regular activity and Maddiebird produces some of the loveliest baked cakes around. The shop is run by a dedicated staff of artist/bakers that owner Michele McAtee, continuously praises for their hard work. Sunday’s 1-year celebration left McAtee feeling “unbelievably humbled” by the community support they received from visits, messages, hugs and cards.


Photo Courtesy Audio Archaeology Website

Audio Archaeology specializes in all things related to vintage records, from consoles to turntables, HiFi stereos and records galore. Having put on art shows, concerts and a full day music festival in just this last year, Audio Archaeology has been providing the music needs of the Devon corridor and partnering with other local businesses to make sure their listening needs are met. On Saturday, April 18- Audio Archaeology will be participating in Record Store Day, in which there will be hundreds of specialty records being released that day and available only at independent record stores such as themselves. Owner John Arnsdorff told us, “The turnout blew me away. It was such a busy day. We had a crowd of about 40-55 people in the store at any given time from 7 to 11pm, and very solid sales. I owe much of our success both to Nick at Kuttin Creative for implementing our social media and web design, and to the Edgewater and Rogers Park neighborhoods for truly creating a ‘buzz’ about the store. A customer was buying a record player for her daughter last week, and said, ‘This store is all the rage with the kids in the neighborhood,’ truly music to my ears.”

The Heartland Health Center on Devon is a community health center that provides accessible and affordable health services. The center serves medical and mental needs of 5,000 patients a year- the majority of which do not have direct access to medical care and services, such as immigrants, refugees and the un-insured.  They opened their doors in the fall of 2014 and have been busy providing services and doing outreach since their opening, to make their presence known for all of those in the community.

With so much activity on the Devon corridor, it looks as though the street is on the rise. With an array of eateries, restaurants, a new health center, a bakery, music store, a grocery store and more- the Devon corridor is ensuring that both Rogers Park and Edgewater residents don’t have to travel far for their shopping needs.


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