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Mugging in broad daylight

From the ECB Facebook page:

I was just mugged at 10:30 in the morning, with a baby in a stroller, on Winthrop just north of the cedar playlot. (between balmoral and berwyn). a twenty-something african american guy came up behind me, grabbed me, and wrestled with me. he ripped my shorts when he grabbed my phone from my pocket. i screamed all through the mugging, and all the while the guy ran down the street, but nobody did anything to help (there was a group of people standing on the corner of berwyn and winthrop, and the mugger ran right past them). about 25 seconds after the mugging, a guy ran past me in pursuit of the mugger, but he never had a chance– the mugger had too much of a head start. but thank you so much for your effort, Billy!!! i filed a police report.

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