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More on Star Gaze space’s future

EDC-ECC Planning
Development Meeting

Thursday, January 7, 2010 @ 7PM
ECC Conference Room
6044 N. Broadway


Candy Bar Entertainment, LLC and affiliates is seeking to acquire Stargaze, located at 5419 N. Clark.

The mission of Candy Bar is to create an entertainment, community education, and dining venue, offering unique and appealing entertainment.

Their plan is to provide a restaurant specializing in desserts and BB-Q, a small bar (utilizing the existing incidental license) a live entertainment venue featuring small cabaret style shows, various low cost or complimentary community-based courses in music, dance, the arts and other skills, a small showcase of promotional novelty/souvenir items, and private party entertainment packages for the Chicagoland areas during off peak business hours.

The purpose of the Planning & Development meeting is for the community to hear presentations on proposals for new developments & new businesses, zoning change requests, special permit requests, and community planning issues. The presentations are followed by informative discussions with input from individuals with skills and knowledge relevant to the topics.

The standard meeting date is the first Thursday of the month. If no development, zoning, business permit or related proposals are before the Committee, the meeting may be cancelled. Watch for e-mails or call for more information: 773-334-5609 or 773-506-4016.

This is an open public meeting. Come and get informed!


Edgewater Development Corporation

Edgewater Community Council

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