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More attacks in the neighborhood

Thanks to the Edgewater North Neighbors block club for sharing:

There have been a string of recent attacks in the neighborhood in the past few months, 2 incidents this week over on Magnolia which are detailed below. There were 2 other robbery incidents over on Rosemont (1300 block between Magnolia & Wayne), one with a gun, on July 9th between 4-6pm. Corroborating info can be found on http://chicago.everyblockcom/. Please support the Edgewater North Neighbors meetings where this has been a topic of conversation – notes are below. Please spread the word to be aware and stay safe.

Edgewater North Neighbors Meeting notes:
* There’s been a marked notice of graffiti lately; a call to 311 or the CAPS office will get someone on it to get it removed.
* If you see any suspicious activity don’t hesitate to call 911. They’re taking the robberies and attacks very seriously in this district.
* Keep purses and bags closed and close to your self.
* Be hypervigilant walking down the street; i.e. don’t blare your ipod, or keep your nose buried in your phones apps.
* There’s undercover police patrolling the neighborhood, in cars and bikes.
* In describing a suspicious person, take special note of things like facial characteristics, jewlery, tatoos, and pants and shoes (the rationale being that it’s fairly easy to change shirt, take it off, or it’s already non-descript by being all white).
* yet another armed robbery was called in Wednesday night just after he got off work at 10 p.m., at 6259 W. Magnolia.
* Wednesday, July 21, a young woman who lives in the building next door to us (6200 block of N Magnolia) was attacked at her door. She was seen being dragged by the arm toward the street, along the sidewalk that leads into her building. The assailant (a young African American male) was seen stomping on her. A neighbor dialed 911 and screamed that he leave her alone He ran.
The cops were there in a flash, five or six squads, and they spread out as soon as they got a description of the attacker (not much–how tall, white t-shirt and dark pants, maybe something white on his head) and the description of her purse (pink, large), which was what he’d been after, and she’d resisted letting him take it. She was overheard telling the cops–she’d just gotten off work and thought maybe this guy was following her, thought she’d seen him at least once before, and she had a large amount of cash in her purse! She was bruised and traumatized but ok; an ambulance came and the paramedics checked her out. Please spread the word. This was a very scary attack.

For non-urgent needs to reach the district 24 CAPS office (like broken street lights or graffiti) : caps024@chicagopolice.org or 312-744-6321 (staffed 8am-4pm).

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