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Monday Night

6:51, Farwell and Wolcott – Male hispanic walking northbound looking into parked cars.

6:56, 2112 W. Peterson (Target) – Female caller claims she was beaten up at the store.

6:58, Wolcott and Granville – 12 year old caller says a group of males beat him up and stole his bike (a red and black Kent with flames on it).

7:06, Officers looking for a 13 year old black male who is the reported bike theft suspect.

7:12, 2650 W. Peterson – EMS on scene with an injured assault victim.

7:19, Glenlake and Rockwell – 4 male blacks and 1 female black stole a victim’s bike. Lots of that going on today.

7:27, Berwyn red line stop – Premise check.

7:29, Caller is listening to a police scanner and wants to know why they haven’t arrived yet. The dispatcher didn’t say what this person had called the police about.

7:35, Olive and Clark – 15 kids with bats yelling and causing a disturbance. Whoa.

7:38, Rockwell and Devon – Officer says they need cars at this location immediately.

7:39, Rockwell and Devon – Call came in earlier about a white conversion van that appeared to be drag racing with 2 other cars. One was a black Lexus, the other was a brown Toyota. Officers talking with the driver of the van say he claims these 2 cars were ramming him. Both cars have damage and fled the scene.

7:49, Location TBD – Female officer sounds annoyed about the guy with the scanner mentioned above because he’s calling in repeatedly. She sarcastically said for the dispatcher to tell him that she’s glad he’s listening to the police scanner and doesn’t have anything better to do than to take pictures of the police. Dispatcher has requested police presence.

6102 N. Seeley – Person with a knife call, sounds like a domestic situation. Offender is a female wearing all lime green. Hot.

8:00, Berwyn red line stop – Premise check. One was just performed at around 7:30. 2 of these within 30 minutes seems odd.

8:08, 5415 N. Sheridan – Drunk homeless people drinking in the park and throwing their trash around.

8:19, 6244 N. Oakley – Another person with a knife call, caller says her sister has one.

8:37, Berwyn red line stop – Premise check. That makes 3 of these at this location so far tonight. Officer states they will “check the tracks while we’re here too.”

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