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Medical Marijuana Legal in Illinois

mariThough not to the extent of states such as California and Colorado, marijuana will be legal in Illinois for those with an illness. The law does not take effect for several months while law makers try to figure out all the particulars, but they vow the toughest restrictions in the nation.

• Patients will not be alb to grow their own stock
• Patients/caregivers will undergo background checks and fingerprinting
• Patients must have an existing relationship with a doctor
• Patients/caregivers must agree not to give marijuana to others
• There will only be 60 distributing businesses and 22 grow facilities

This is a pilot program and medical marijuana could end in 2018. Towns will not be able to ban the designated stores but can zone where they are placed within their borders. Furthermore, a property owner can ban a distributor on their property and has the right to fire an employee with a marijuana license due to the “drug free workplace act”.

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