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Last week at Senn – not a shootout, but gang activity

Last week we shared comments from a reader who thought there was a shootout at Senn High School on Wednesday. Apparently, that was not the case. Read the following from a faculty member at Senn High School:

I am writing in response to the post “Shootout At Senn High School?” Thankfully the person who posted this item is completely misinformed. Although there was a serious incident at the intersection of Ardmore and Ridge at about 6:10 p.m. on Wednesday, September 22, it did not involve a gun or gunfire. The incident actually involved an individual who was hit by a car as he ran away from the scene of a crime. This individual is a known gang member who along with five other gang members attempted to threaten and attack Senn students in Senn Park. When he ran into traffic and got hit by a car the police, paramedics and fire department responded. The car accident was a direct result of reckless and criminal behavior. It did not involve any sort of shootout. It is important that we get our facts right. Too many people are depending on this site for accurate information. Moreover, many community members are working to make Senn High School and the surrounding community safer. Irresponsible reporting makes this effort more difficult.

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