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Last night’s CTA Vision Planning meeting

The biggest takeaway from the CTA Vision Planning meeting was that any major overhaul of the Red Line in Edgewater is still just that, a VISION. While we are pleased that the CTA sought neighborhood feedback for improvements, it was explained that it still remains a big “if” if any funding will ever be allocated to major Red Line improvements from Wilson to Howard, and even if that were to happen, any construction would be a good 2-10 years away from inception. Click any photos to enlarge.

Some issues the CTA has already identified. Pretty straight forward. We suggested adding public safety and vacant retail to this list.

Each station in Edgewater had a profile, such as this one above regarding the Thorndale stop.

Apparently the CTA held similar community meetings about two years ago where neighbors could provide their input specific to their nearest station and surrounding areas and the CTA also conducted a formal study investigating possible station improvements. Above is the end result for that initiative regarding the Berwyn station. Obviously the feedback/input from the previous meeting did not go anywhere but to fantasy land – we hope that the same does not happen with the feedback provided from the community last night and it wasn’t just a dog and pony show for politicians and CTA officials.

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