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Lakewood Balmoral Homes Getting Older and Face the Wrecking Ball

781px_Lakewood_Balmoral_Historic_District_090315There is no doubt that the Lakewood Balmoral area is a gem of Edgewater. The beautiful single family homes in the area have become very popular in the last couple decades as the area has seen major progress in gentrification. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on February 12, 1999. The  area is about 63 acres; its boundaries are Magnolia Avenue to the east, Wayne Avenue to the west, Foster Avenue to the south, and Bryn Mawr Avenue to the north. First developed in 1890 by John Lewis Cochran, the area’s homes were built with modest flair and have given unique charm to the neighborhood.

These homes however, are now as old as 120 years, and significant issues are developing in their structures. Many of the homes have been well preserved because of diligent work of generations of owners, but others are facing the possibility of the wrecking ball. Thus the home at 5340 N. Magnolia Ave. which was bought by a local family at the end of December 2013. According to DNA, the structure was assessed to need a new foundation and to have significant termite damage. The new owners plan to raze the home and build another that will be consistent to the style of the surrounding area.

Many are upset about the demolition, feeling that somehow the structure could be saved. The plans will most likely be met with some hostility as community leaders have come out against the tear down. However, others realize that the home is too far gone. Decades of neglect and non-action has forced any hopes of salvage minimal.

Sadly, as we see these homes age, some will obviously not survive due mostly to negligence. We will see future debate as more come up for sale and their skeletons are exposed.

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