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iPhone Theft at gunpoint

From the Edgewater North Neighbors:
Our 21 year old daughter was robbed at gunpoint this evening (Wed. July 21st) at about 7:40 pm on Rosemont between Lakewood and Magnolia. The guy was a dark skinned African American, large — approximately 6 ft+, in his early twenties or younger, short “buss” cut hair, wearing blue polo shirt. He was arrogant enough to just point a gun at her belly, demand her iPhone and then walk away slowly down the street with lots of people all around. The police responded almost immediately and they are vigilantly trying to find this guy. I understand that this is one of three such robberies in our neighborhood very recently. The police think the guy must live in the neighborhood based on these facts. So please keep your eyes open for anyone who fits this description who is acting strangely. Take note of all of his clothing and features (down to the shoes) and where he goes — then call the police right away. Also, please alert your children, friends and neighbors NOT to walk around on the phone oblivious to their surroundings. We have to catch this guy and not let him terrorize our community.

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