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Incredible Value or Property Value Killer?

Tomorrow is the ECC/EDC Planning & Development meeting at the Broadway Armory to discuss the “new concept” Aldi store which is being proposed for the Clarovista condo building. Check out our previous post here for details on the meeting. We just learned that Aldi is seeking a license to sell package liquor at this location.

Representative’s from Aldi as well as the building owner will be present. We’ve also received emails from multiple block clubs who will be present, as many oppose Aldi due to their reputation of being in poorer neighborhoods, what type of customers Aldi may attract, the potential to decrease property values, as well as opposing the selling liquor on Granville (which is currently not allowed). We appreciate all the valid concerns raised, and think they must be vetted, but I also think its a good idea to hear Aldi out about this “new concept.”

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