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High Rise dwellers: help the birds!

Photo © Jeremy Atherton, 2006

Bird Migration Season Begins
Please Close Blinds & Shield Lights

A message from Chicago Audubon Society – in cooperation with the Mayor’s Wildlife and Nature Committee and the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago

Autumn 2010
Help Save Birds!!
Lights Out After 11 p.m. During Migration

For nine years, Chicago’s tall buildings have served as an example to the nation as they save birds’ lives.

What you can do to help
Tall buildings can save birds by extinguishing decorative lighting on the upper stories after 11 p.m. each evening and leaving lights off until daylight from August 15 to November 15. Birds migrate throughout these months. Tenants on the upper floors are encouraged to turn out lights or draw blinds after 11 p.m. These recommendations apply to all buildings of 40 or more stories, and to buildings of 20 or more stories that are isolated from other buildings.

Short buildings along the lakefront with extensive glass exteriors can save birds by extinguishing exterior lighting and extinguishing interior lighting or drawing blinds from August 15 to November 15 each eveningafter 1 a.m. and leaving the lights off until daylight.

Buildings with lighted atria can save birds by reducing atrium lighting in the early morning hours.

Based on new research, we recommend that during the Lights Out migration period, lights be turned off (or blinds drawn) in all perimeter office and residential space on all floors from 4 am to full daylight. Birds that are decreasing their elevation to settle in to rest after their long migratory journey will have reduced risk of colliding with windows.

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