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Heather Steans’ husband disrupts rival candidate’s event

Sen. Heather Steans Husband Crashes & Disrupts Opponent’s Neighborhood Event
by: JimMadigan
Fri Dec 11, 2009 at 17:59:36 PM CST

On Thursday night at a neighborhood bar in Andersonville, lobbyist Leo Smith – husband of State Senator Heather Steans – infiltrated his wife’s challenger’s fundraiser event, drank at the bar alone for an hour, and then belligerently stormed candidate Jim Madigan, swearing and speaking in non sequiturs.

On Thursday, December 10, 2009, The Call (a neighborhood gay bar in Andersonville) held a small fundraiser to support Democratic candidate for the Illinois State Senate, 7th District, Jim Madigan.

Leo Smith came to the bar, passed by the check-in table, and hid in the back corner of the bar. Smith sat at the bar for an hour drinking and appeared disheveled. Staff assumed the man was a local resident who had not come for the event. Madigan quietly mentioned to his campaign manager that the man at the bar was staring at him strangely and looked a lot like Senator Steans’ husband. At one point, Smith arose from the bar and disappeared into the men’s room for about ten minutes.

Madigan was speaking to U.S. Senate candidate Jacob Meister, who stopped by the event, when Smith suddenly emerged from the bathroom and walked swiftly toward Madigan, standing at his side with his face close to Madigan’s.

When Madigan turned, Smith told Madigan his name. “Yes, I know,” Madigan replied. “I’m Heather’s husband!” Smith barked. Madigan nodded and replied: “Yeah, I know. Thank you for coming.” Madigan turned back to his conversation with Meister.

Smith then began badgering Madigan, saying: “I’m not here for your event! I know you think you’re gonna get famous with all your BULLSHIT! But those things are about me!”
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