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Edgewater Schools Need Your Help Now

Chicago schools don’t always enjoy the best reputation. With so much press and publicity in the last few years regarding the mismanagement within Chicago Public Schools administration, the Mayor’s closing of 53 schools, and a great deal of media exposure on violence among our youth, it can be difficult to find positive highlights. But here in Edgewater we have some dynamic, high performing public and private schools  and a community that supports the schools in many different ways.

DonorsChoose.org is an online platform in which public school teachers can create a fundraising page to raise money for a specific need for their classroom. The platform has raised a great deal of credibility and awareness over the last few years and is connecting public school teachers with donors who can help fund tools and resources  for students. We have had a few projects funded within just a few days! Rickover Naval Academy was able to get a MakerBot for their classroom in just 48 hours! The school’s faculty was overjoyed and sang the community’s praises in gratitude. 

Here are other Edgewater classrooms in need of resources for particular projects to provide quality education to our youth..FrogtasticFirsties

  • Pierce elementary’s “Frog-tastic Firsties” are in need of age-appropriate books on penguins. Find out more here.
  • Senn High School’s Special needs students are in need of Kindle tablets to assist students of various languages to utilize read-aloud technology to support their learning. Find out more here.
  • Hayt Elementary is in need of a new guided reading table for their diverse group of students to read, write and work together. Find out more here.
  • Swift Elementary has a great deal of needs that can all be viewed here.

With so many opportunities to help there is no shortage of ways to give back and contribute to our youth’s education and programming.

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