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EBNA Meeting / Berwyn stabbing update

(Rep Osterman & Commander Moy)

The EBNA Block Club invited both State Representative Harry Osterman and the CPD’s 20th District Commander Lucy Moy to it’s monthly meeting last night. Osterman provided an overview of what was going on in Springfield, while Moy answered questions about the September stabbing of Rocco Lopez and safety in general. Some highlights from the meeting:

-received a $10M promissory note toward installing a Metra station at Peterson/Ravenswood.
-currently focused on pushing forward a complete overhaul of the Red Line from Sheridan to Howard, including both stations and viaducts.
-another major initiative is fixing the state’s nursing homes following investigations by the Chicago Tribune.


– the Rocco Lopez stabbing was ruled self defense based on evidence and witness accounts. There were no witnesses who observed what happened in the alley, but witnesses did observe three men assaulting a man on the street, who was trying to get away and then stabbed Rocco Lopez and Lopez’s acquaintance. Both Lopez and the offender had previous felony records. There were conflicting reports about why Lopez and his acquaintance were even in the alley in the first place.

– security cameras are expected to be installed on all CTA platforms by June. This was also mentioned here in the Chicago Tribune today.
– there has been an uptick of strong arm robberies in the neighborhood (be aware, turn off the iPod, get off the cell phone)
– you can send info to the CPD and Moy via the 20th District’s ClearPath portal. Send comments, complaints, photos of gang tags/grafitti, etc.

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